XYZZY Awards, round two

The nomination round is done, and here are the nominees:

Best Game: Andromeda Apocalypse, Bee, Counterfeit Monkey, howling dogs
Best Writing: Bee, Dinner Bell, Eurydice, howling dogs
Best Story: Changes, Eurydice, First Draft of the Revolution, howling dogs
Best Setting: Changes, Counterfeit Monkey, howling dogs, Zero Summer
Best Puzzles: Bigger Than You Think, Counterfeit Monkey, Dinner Bell, Endless, Nameless, In a Manor of Speaking, Shuffling Around
Best NPCs: Andromeda Dreaming, Guilded Youth, The Statue Got Me High
Best Individual Puzzle: the hold-all in A Killer Headache, making a taco in Shuffling Around, surviving the fall in Bigger Than You Think
Best Individual NPC: Kadro in Andromeda Dreaming, New Rat City in rat chaos, W.D. in Speculative Fiction,
Best Individual PC: Alexandra in Counterfeit Monkey, Hector in Sunday Afternoon, Olivia in Olivia’s Orphanorium
Best Implementation: Andromeda Apocalypse, Counterfeit Monkey, Speculative Fiction, Sunday Afternoon
Best Use of Innovation: Counterfeit Monkey, First Draft of the Revolution, Guilded Youth, howling dogs
Best Technological Development: Playfic, Quest web editor, StoryNexus, Vorple for Inform 7
Best Supplemental Materials: The covers for Cover Stories, CYPHER website and materials, feelies for Muggle Studies, cover art for all Andromeda games

Congratulations to everybody who’s earned a nomination!

Now go and vote in the second round; the second round of voting closes May 7. Once again, you may not vote for your own work, and campaigning for votes is strongly discouraged.

(For your playing convenience, the IFDB page.)



Heavens, this is a surprise. I’m curious though, why so many nominations for Best Puzzles?

Pretty sure Dinner Bell on that list is a typo; I’m not sure it even has puzzles, plural. I voted for something else.

Help a poor, clueless newbie. What’s the difference between the best story and best writing awards? I assume the former refers to the best “narrative” (story beats, nice plot, etc.), while the latter refers to the prose style itself. Am I wrong?

This happens when there’s a draw. (The idea is to keep the number of nominations between three and six.)

That’s right.

A reminder: there’s only a week left to get your final votes in. Voting is close! in some categories. But I’m not telling you which.

If you plan a crazy last-minute finalist-playing blitz, the games are tidily arranged on this IFDB list.

Let your voice be heard! Help inscribe another great chapter in the annals of IF! Which games shall be showered in modest quantities of what is arguably glory, and which in somewhat lesser volumes of said substance? YOU DECIDE.

Is it possible to submit some votes and then submit some other votes later?

Yes, you can go back in and update your votes at any time before the deadline.

Voting is closed. The ceremony will be held in the Auditorium of ifMUD this Saturday, May 11, at 12:00 US-Pacific time (15:00 Eastern, 20:00 BST.) Hope to see you there!

(If anybody has not been on the MUD before, I recommend a visit before the actual ceremony; it’s not rocket science, and the FAQ should cover everything important, but it can be daunting to figure everything out when things are about to start.)

That would be 15:00 Eastern.


I’ve been there several times, but I still always open the FAQ in a browser window before logging in, or I’d be lost. I can never remember the commands for things.

Oops, yes. Edited. Wait until the coffee reaches the brain before posting, maga.

12:00 Pacific is something like erm los angeles, right?

Here everyone can find out what time that is in your local time zone.

Close enough, thanks!