XYZZY Awards Reviews standards, public draft

As part of an effort to tighten up the post-Awards review panel, I’ve drafted some standards. They’ve been through a private edit, but before we commit to them for next year it’s worth putting them up for public comment.

The alternative title of this might be The Rights and Responsibilities of the In-Depth Reviewer; if you needed to condense those to one line, it’d be ‘to be diligent and to be honest.’

(In other news, I’m also considering alternate titles, since ‘Reviews’ might give the wrong impression. ‘Analyses’ has been suggested, but though accurate, that’s kind of a clunker.)

This seems like a fair and well-written set of rules.

How about ‘retrospective’ for the title?

This sounds really good to me.

I agree, with 3) being especially useful for robust critiquing. The peer review is a good idea too.