XYZZY Awards 2017: nomination round open

The XYZZY Awards are (rather later than I’d hoped) open for first-round voting. Go forth and vote!

Any hints about what to nominate for “Best Technological Development”? For the other categories there are some IFDB polls to look at, but for this one I am stumped.

I was going to suggest Liza Daly’s Windrift and Robin Johnson’s Versificator, but they may both be 2016 rather than 2017… Also it looks like Versificator isn’t available as an authoring tool, but does it still count as a technological development because there are games you can play with its new UI?

I’m not sure we’ve ever specified, but I assume that the award is for developments that can be used by the general public. A commercial tool would be eligible, but a private unshared tool or one in closed beta would not.

Sure, but that category is for individual games rather than a library/framework/platform.