xml .ifiction format. Babel

I’m looking to babel.ifarchive.org/
I have compiled all the tools and it’s working ok but I seem not to find information on how to create an .ifiction xml.
Also, I try to get information of a story with its ifid, but I seem not to be able to pull any info from the internet (I have tried ifdb.tads.org/)

Any one that could link me somewhere?

The url http://ifdb.tads.org/viewgame?ifiction&ifid= with the ifid appended seems to pull ifid info from ifdb.

There’s no specific tool for creating an ifiction XML file. You write it out as a text file, following the structure described in the Babel document (section 5).

The examples Angstsmurf noted (e.g. ifdb.tads.org/viewgame?ifiction& … 41231-9408 ) will demonstrate the structure.

Cool. Thanks

Thank you. It was in front of my very eyes and I couldn’t see it.

I’ll add that, Baltasar did a java aplication that might come handy: