Xfrotz now in Unix Frotz

The old X11 user interface for Frotz (xfrotz) by Daniel Shepler has been folded into the Unix Frotz suite. Since he wrote it before Frotz became GPL2, I had to get his permission to put his code under the GPL. He agreed to this early this year, but he’s been too busy to make a merge request changing the license stuff and I’ve been unable to contact him for a few months. So I went ahead and made the changes.

The resulting program has some rough edges. Some of them seem due to bit rot. Others seem to have never been fixed.

As always, you can find Unix Frotz at https://gitlab.com/DavidGriffith/frotz/


I had to remove the declaration of f_setup from x_init.c to get it to build, but other than that it seems to work.