Wry: Hint Request

Has anyone gotten past the burning curtains?

I’m cracking my ribs laughing here and I would like for the fun to continue past this stuck-point.


I’m actually thinking something else here.

What if the burning curtain is the inevitable end of the game, and the point is to find all triggers for the naughty fantasies before that happens?

EDIT: I think I’m on to something. I managed to get 48 points with 4 turns to spare before the baroness shows up. The ending is quite different too…


Yeah, that’s my current suspicion as well. In particular, you can get to “three quite different endings” (like the blurb mentions) without getting past that point – failing to sell the insurance, selling the insurance, and staying for breakfast.

I was slightly disappointed there didn’t seem to be more… but much better than overstaying one’s welcome of course!


I’m unsure wether I should get involved here or not… I hope it’s okay if l leave a few basic hints and let you decide whether you want to read them or not.

@rovarsson and @bkirwi, you are right in your assumption.

Most triggers for memories and fantasies are pretty straight forward and use standard verbs. However, a few are a little meaner.

Some actions have to be done more than once.

Some have to do with your posture.

Some are probably quite unusual, though at least conceivable in this context (I hope!).

Duncan Bowsman said he was missing “an >AMUSING command at the end” and I think he is very right. I would be happy to provide this in an update.

Please write a DM if you need specific help in any way!

– Olaf


I think it’s cool you left us flailing around for a while. I’ll be on the lookout for weird postures in my next replay. (Hum, that sounded awkward…)


It’s not that bad, it’s all about standing, sitting and lying down :smiley:

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FWIW I did find at least a few of the posture triggers on my own – the fact that stand on couch and get on couch were distinct actions suggested it might be worth trying the similar things elsewhere. So not too mean from my perspective! Though I definitely haven’t found everything yet.