Writing menu interaction on a computer terminal

I am a beginner at Inform 7 and the game I am writing has a computer terminal with a menu that presents a list of topics that the player can choose between to read more about. It will look something like this:


Enter OBJECT1 to read more about Object1
Enter OBJECT2 to read more about Object2

My first thought was to use some sort of context aware understand statement to make OBJECT1 a command that prints information about Object1 only when standing in this room. Also making things like “type OBJECT1” or “enter OBJECT1” work to print the information.

However I am not really sure how to get understand to work this way or if it is even possible. Is there some other clever way to solve this?

You should have a look at the extension Computers by Emily Short.


Thank you, I managed to get something nice and functional together very quickly with that extension. This was my first encounter with extensions as well so I am glad that I was made aware of them.