Writing Competition at fablement.com

Hey guys it’s Sean from fablement.com!

I have been loving the support from this community and have been having a blast working with you. Fablement just hit a small milestone of a 100 users, so I think its time to start showing some gratitude! My goal was always to create a place for writers to build a brand and get paid for their work, but because we are still small I will be hosting a fairly informal competition on my site.

In case you missed it (TLDR: fablement makes interactive stories easy): I am the sole developer of fablement and this has been my passion project for over 2 years now. Fablement is an interactive story platform with a drag and drop creator so no programming knowledge required. Usually this would mean having to give up a lot of functionality, but I strive to offer many features without it becoming complicated!

Every story published on fablement between now and midnight of July 31st will automatically be submitted assuming they follow the rules and fall within the topic.

Topic: “To new beginnings”

Prizes (amazon gift cards or we can talk about another equivalent value if you would like):

1st: $100

2nd-4th: $25


All stories must be SFW. No adult content of any kind.

No hateful language or visuals is allowed.

Cover art is highly recommended.

You must have legal claim to all assets used.

If you ever encounter a bug or want to leave feedback on the site or competition join my discord! I’ll be around to personally answer any questions.

Good luck and spread that creativity around!


Not related to the contest, but the FAQ:

Can I make adult content?
Yes! As long as it is not illegal or offensive to anyone, adult content is prohibited. However, please know that we reserve the right to move the stories to a different subdomain/domain if we plan to segregate the content. This would likely be the most extreme scenario.

Shouldn’t this be “allowed” or “not prohibited” or am I reading incorrectly?

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It should read allowed. Thanks for the catch Hannon! Please know for the competition itself, stories must not contain adult content.

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Because of lack of submissions and I know some people needed more time to finish their stories the deadline has been extended to Aug 15th!