Writing book about IF criticism/history, had some questions

After parts of this forum were accidentally deleted, I realized that a lot of the essays I’ve written on here are not permanent.

I’ve decided to compile them into a book format. I’ve already started, and it’s been fun; I’m mostly cleaning up stray comments, making the tone more formal, and adding footnotes and references.

But I’m trying to find examples to emulate, and I’m having trouble. Does anyone know of any books containing critical essays on video games? Searching for ‘critical essays videogames’ didn’t bring up the kind of thing I’m looking for.

My long term plan is to probably self-publish it, give it for free to people on intfiction, and make $50-$100 ovever 4 years from random devs looking for books on video game theory.

I think the classic is “IF Theory Reader” which is linked here, along with some potential others to check out.

emshort.blog/how-to-play/writin … resources/

What Is Your Quest? was a prize in Spring Thing a few years back. I don’t know if the author is around here.

Jimmy Maher compiles his Digital Antiquarian blog posts into ebooks: filfre.net/the-digital-antiq … k-library/

Hey, these are great answers! This will help a lot with formatting issues. If anyone has any more, let me know!

Not game related, but Todd Alcott has started turning his blog posts that analyze screenplays into ebooks for sale at Amazon: