Write your own CYOA competition (ended December 15!)

Hey everybody!

I’m starting a write-your-own choose-your-own adventure competition to coincide with the test opening of my site, Adventure Cow. [emote]:D[/emote]

(1) Timing
The competition runs from next Monday (November 15, 2010) to a month from then (December 15, 2010).

(2) How it works
There are two options - you can enter in the Adventure League and write 150 pages, or the Fun League and write 50 pages (if you’re strapped for time). More details online.

If you have any questions, I’ll be on this thread, you can shoot me an email at chris@adventurecow.com.

Full details here: http://adventurecow.com/init/default/adventure_bowl

The contest is officially closed, though a number of people have extensions due to various bugs that had to be fixed.

We’ll be doing something on longer notice next summer, so if anyone participated and has new suggestions, they’re very welcome!

I hope the competition went well for you.

You’re probably already aware of it, but I noticed you’ve been linked on Demian’s Gamebook site.