Woz A Day: Wishbringer r23

Ryan Baumann has been playing Apple II games from the internet archive, in the order they’ve been uploaded. He’s reached Wishbringer - Woz A Day: Wishbringer r23 (Apple II, 1988) - YouTube


Oh THAT’s what that Woz A Day thing means! You’d think I’d already know, being an Apple II head, but I’ve just blithely had this phrase hanging in my brain for years without ever looking up what it was. Duh.


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It’s actually pretty new.

The people preserving Apple 2 software came up with a new disk image format which encodes the entire magnetic pattern of a 5.25" disk. (This is important for replicating copy-protected floppies, which is a lot of 1980s software history.) I believe this was in 2018.

Naturally, they called this format WOZ. WOZ Disk Images – applesauce

So “WOZ files” are Apple floppy disk images. “Woz A Day” is a reference to that – picking disk images off Archive.org and playing them.

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