Worldsmith being released on August 15th

Hi all,

I don’t know whether you’ve been following the blog posts, but we’ve just announced that Interactive Fables is going to be releasing my new game ‘Worldsmith’ on August 15th. I’m pretty excited. And nervous. Mostly nervous.

Here’s a link to the announcement :

and on the blog there’s some short video’s about the gameplay :

I think I’m doing some quite interesting stuff with how it’s presented - trying to make it as accessible as possible to an audience who might not traditionally play IF. Fingers crossed.

It’s a pretty hefty work of IF. It runs to about 150k words of prose - so a good long play. We’re releasing it on first as a browser based game (which can be downloaded and played offline).


Yay! All the best with the release!

Good luck, and congratulations!