World Fantasy Convention (and others)

I don’t have a good sense of the World Fantasy Con (which just finished), although it does seem to have “world” and “fantasy” in the title, which sounds cool. Does/Did IF get any discussion at general fiction conferences like that one, or only at gaming cons?

The program is up at

World Fantasy is a SF/F convention, not general fiction. It is of the “fannish” rather than “media” sort of SF conventions – that is, like Worldcon rather than Dragoncon. (Lots of authors, no actors.) It’s also on the pricey side for SF conventions.

Most fannish cons have taken up some degree of gaming/game-design/IF content, but the degree varies enormously. Looking at the WFC program, videogames are only mentioned sidewise as part of the topic “Epic Fantasy and the Roleplaying Game”. At the other end of the spectrum, Balticon and Arisia are two cons I’ve been to which have entire tracks of gaming discussion.

(I went to a couple of WFCs, but that was a decade ago.)