World Climate & Greening!

I like these kinds of topics. They usually spark great debates. I’m wondering what your ideas should be for the future, and making the planet a better place. This happening completely, nope…but it doesn’t hurt to talk about it, and share ideas so that small impacts can be made within our own lives, and the lives of others for a time.

I’m thinking recycle, reduce, and reuse. Now I don’t think that the first one is used in a way that will ever benefit the planet, unless it’s done in a completely green way…a little pollution for less bottles laying around, why not? No. That’s not the answer. I think the answer for recycle lies in not recycling plastics, and things that give off harmful chemicals. How would the world do this? Stop using the materials! gonna happen? nope, lol.

Reduce. This should be done by individuals but companies as well. Sure a giant half filled package makes your product look nice, but it’s wasteful, and disrespectful in a sense to the world, and it’s condition. Where trying to safe the planet here! or at least we should be, lol

Another thing is oil consumption. does this need to be reduced? no…it needs to be ceased. Will that happen? nope, lol.

another reason why this should be reduced is the theory of increasing earthquakes if, and I say IF this is true, do we really want to be sucking the worlds lubrication out of the planet…the last thing we need is for the world to split in half, lol.

another thing is power use. I don’t think stopping it would be better than cutting back on it.

Also I wonder if the world is coming to a place where cutting back isn’t enough, and the only solution is to just stop, and do things the way we used to…we could still have fancy homes, and stuff. We just wouldn’t have the technology we have, we can do without it…do I want to, nope, lol, but maybe it’s the only easy way until they come up with a better power supply.

What I wonder is if the talk about ice caps melting within 50-100 years, and there being mass flooding and what not. If that’s the case than maybe we are nearing a time when cutting back wont do the job…lol

any ideas?

I know the above are extreme, and that would cause mass effects, and what not, and it will never happen, but I also know that if it could be done, and people could just simply behave themselves…it may be the best way, lol.

Our family is car-free, and we try to keep our heat off from March 15-December 15 every year. We eat local food, and sometimes we keep chickens. The chickens eat a lot of our food waste, and we compost as well. I think we’ll be planting a few food crops in our alleyway next year. We don’t eat any grains. Although grains can feed a lot of people, their production is pretty much the worst environmental disaster ever.

I can’t say this is really enough to make a difference, but I’m not sure how much more of a difference it would make to stress about the environment all the time. I try to keep calm, keep an open mind, and pray for the best.

Too poor to give a damn.

Yeah, not a lot of people really care, that’s part of the problem…then there’s people like me that kinda know what to do, but don’t do it…one thing I try never to do it litter though…although…I don’t know if there’s any big difference in not littering except for the visual appearance of a place.

Right yeah littering and purposely going out of your way not to recycle things isn’t cool.

What I meant was it would be neat to have the $ for solar panels, the time for a vegetable garden, etc but right now I just don’t. Maybe one day though.

Sometimes not spending money is more environmental than being a “green consumer.” It’s better not to consume anything at all, right?

Littering can be an environmental issue in the case of some things, like plastic bags. But I’m not sure if paper or food litter is as much of a big deal. A terrifyingly large amount of plastic ends up in the ocean, and I assume it’s from littering, though there may be some actual dumping of trash in the ocean. But the biggest threat to the Earth’s waters is agricultural runoff - waste fertilizer from growing annual crops (i.e. grains) and from “manure lagoons” in animal feedlots. Actually, annual crops are the biggest threat to the soil, too.

As far as I know, potatoes are more environmental than grains, and still cheap. Butter’s pretty cheap per calorie, and eggs are a cheaper form of high-quality protein than most things. Your money could probably go pretty far, even with the highest quality pastured/organic/local sources for those three. Splurge on liver once or twice a month and you’ve got pretty much complete nutrition right there.