Works In Progress

So what’s everyone writing at the mo, and when do they expect to have their latest masterpieces (or not as the case may be) completed?

Give us some info on your games (assuming, of course, you’re not planning to enter them into any comps, in which case talking them too much wouldn’t be a good idea).

I’m busy working on (obsessing over) my first attempt at writing IF, which will be called ‘murphyzBasement’.

The idea came up a few years ago on my forum, and never really went anywhere. I had the last week off work and so started work on it. The forum catered to a riddling community for a few years, and is now just random rubbish. My avatar online is a lion and this has been adopted as the forum mascot, a background story of which my artist is locked in my basement which in turn is overrun by monkeys. Somewhere along the line it also happened that local children went missing and are also in the basement.

The game will be aimed at my forum members and will feature them getting into murphyz Manor and rescuing the missing children from the basement.

I aim to have a back story released for my members before the launch of the game, and there will be certain things within the game that the player can collect which are forum related (vChipz, our forum currency and trophies to name a few). When the game ends in victory I aim to have a code generated depending on the items the player has and these awards (trophies and vChipz) will be given to the member when they provide the code.

meet murphyz (the lion) - he’s actually a bit dumb and very inept (and a cheat).

example of a trophy:

The cover for the game will be:

Long way to go yet though, but progressing nicely. The game won’t be huge, and I hope to release at New Year or so.


Nice cover for the game. :slight_smile:

Is this an IF game or more of a graphical one?

Completely IF, created in I7, the only image being the cover.

In the game the player can, for example, pick up vChipz they find, or a number of trophies which will be hidden.

If they have 400 vChipz and an ‘outstanding member’ trophy when they exit the game, this will result in a specific code being given to them. Entering the code at the website will then add those vChipz and trophy to the member online.

If they collect 1000 vChipz and two different trophies, a different code would be given.

This will, of course, require them to actually register the code they get. A code will only be valid once as well, with the first three finishers being awarded a medal for completion. The trophies on the website are graphics.

If there were a way to add images then I would do so infrequently, and only to aid the storyline. We had contemplated creating a point and click game but have opted not to at this time, due to a lack of expertise and time in what would be needed to create something original.

The IF is easier, and means I can create it on my own.


Is that original artwork, or is it something copyrighted?

All original.

Although my artist isn’t locked up in a basement, she is over in Canada.


Whoever your artist is is great!

The game itself sounds like it’s aimed pretty specifically at the people on your forum (Where is it, by the way? And anyone else there into IF?) but at the same time the plot sounds just crazy enough to make me give it a try. :slight_smile:

As for myself, I’m mainly freaking out at the realization of how close the IFComp deadline has suddenly gotten and feverishly trying to finish my game. And of course you know how popular straightforward fantasy adventure is with the folks on RAIF - combine it with Adrift and I’m bound to win! :smiley:

And assuming I make some serious progress over the next few days, I’ll try to squeeze in an entry for the Creature Comp too.

Just my comp entry. I’ve given up on Dwarf Fortress for now, and focusing full time on my comp entry, so it should be ready for beta-testing within the next week or two.

Hmmm… can’t believe I started this thread and then forgot to say the games I’m working on.

My main WIP at the moment is Without A Clue, a huge detective game for the Spring Thing 2007. As it’s a comp entry, I can’t really say anything else about it.

I’m also going through bug reports and transcripts for Requiem, my IFComp entry. Which I also can’t tell much about with it being a comp game.

And then there’s the game I’m writing for the commercial idea. Which again I can’t really go into any detail of.

So three games but no details. :cry:

David has a thing about starting threads like this, every month or two up one pops on the Adrift Forum. Which is fine for someone like him who actually does write 50 games a year. He will later turn up and remind people of the games they said they were writing which have long been gathering dust in a long forgotten part of their hard drive.

Bah, that’s a lie and you know it.

BTW, what happened to that game you were writing…?

As you know David, I always have some work or other on the go, but always something I just started. At that stage I probably haven’t decided how awful it would be.

Could I ask permission to use the above image for the “Creature Comp” (as a logo / award) ?

Good luck with the game !

(Edit: Oops, I should have made this a private message … always learning :slight_smile: )

Is it just me or does that trophy bear a striking resemblance to Mufasa?

My girlfriend and I are working on our first IF entitled ‘The Long Road’. :sunglasses:

We’re about 5% done.

Having read your other post “I might be a father” I just can’t help but wondering how you work on that game :laughing:


Her and I work on alot together :mrgreen: :wink:

I just hope it wont turn out to be an ADVENT clone…