workbench shows 2 adv3Lite libraries, different versions

Harry’s adventure is nearly complete. I’m essentially treading water waiting for the adv3Lite library to emerge from beta.

With time on my hands, I started experimenting with a new game scenario and have stumbled over conflicting adv3Lite library versions listings in the Workbench new project wizard.

When I use the wizard, it asks which library I want to use, from a multiple choice listing of selections.

Options include multiple versions of Adv3—advanced, introductory, web UI, plain T3—and multiple versions of Adv3Lite:

Adv3Lite - WebUI
Adv3Lite - WebUI

Note that the first and second offerings are the same—Adv3Lite (also, the 3rd and 4th are the same, but I’m not using the WebUI).

There is no indication of what, if anything, is different, so I picked the first one.

In the new project, I tried to create a commLink connection (commLink is a new Special object, defined in query.t). When i try to run the game, the debug window says no such object. I look in query.t, and sure enough, there is no commLink.

So I recreate the project using the second Adv3Lite selection in the new project wizard. This time, the game compiles without error, and when I search in query.t there is indeed a commLink object.

I suspect this is because I have an updated version of the library in a location other than the Workbench-default location of c:\Program Files(x86). The Workbench is finding both libraries—the old version with no commLink code that ships with the Workbench and the later version of the library with the commLink code—and not making any distinction between them.


Your diagnosis is almost certainly correct, and incidentally helped me work out why I was seeing precisely the same thing and to cure it! :slight_smile:

The solution in your case, surely, is just to delete the old out-of-date version of adv3Lite from your machine. There’s no reason for you to keep it, surely?

I shouldn’t wait for that if I were you. I’m basically hanging on for a bit to make sure not to many serious bug reports come to light and to correct some documentation typos and the like. I don’t expect adv3Lite Version 1.0 to be radically different from 0.92. So, if you’ve otherwise got as far as you can with Harry’s adventure and you’re planning to release it, then I suggest you either do some more testing on it (if you feel it could use some more) or else recruit some beta testers to give it a try. They’ll certainly turn a bunch of issues with your game that never occurred to you (beta testers always do), and they might incidentally help bring the odd lurking adv3Lite bug to light!