Won't Process Commands to Leave Closet (Closet is Container)

So, yeah – title is self explanatory. I’ve tried “leave closet”, “leave the closet”, “exit closet”, “get out of closet”, directional commands – everything I can think of.

Am I missing something here, or is this a big hiccup?

The standard “exiting” action applies to nothing, so “exit” is the command that should work. (Did the game ever give you the message “I only understood you as far as wanting to exit”?)

This is really annoying–all the commands you tried really should work. If you include the extension Modified Exit by Emily Short (which you should be able to get from the Public Library) then the game will understand “get out of closet” and all that good stuff the way it ought to. You can look at the source code for the extension to see how she does it.

Is it possible to just redirect this?

[code]specific exiting is an action applying to one thing. Understand “exit [something]” and “get out of [something]” and “leave [something]” as specific exiting.

Check specific exiting:
try exiting instead.[/code]

That’s where the extension starts, except it extends the (existing) “getting off X” action to apply to both containers and supporters.

And you’d probably want to add a check that the actor is actually in the thing they’re specific exiting. The getting off action has one built in.

BTW, for Dec: If you use Modified Exit, it gives you the message “You get off the closet” when it should be “get out of.” You can solve this by changing the rule response to check whether the noun is a supporter:

When play begins: now the standard report getting off rule response (A) is "[The actor] [get] [if the noun is a supporter]off[otherwise]out of[end if] [the noun]."

(This seems like it should be in Modified Exit, really.)