Wolfbiter reviews Spring Thing 2024 -- Social Democracy (all main festival reviews complete)

The Truth About PRIDE! by Jemon Golfin
Playtime: 15 minutes

This made me want to talk about:

  • the visceral satisfaction of steering a little sprite through monochrome background elements. Especially when it’s a maze. And look, the shape of the maze is relevant!

  • you know, I assumed before and during play that this game was about PRIDE in specifically the LGBTQ+ sense, but realized while writing this review that nothing in the text commits to that interpretation

My fervent wish:
This is probably the contrarian in me, but I have an instinctive resistance when a game asks a conceptual question and then immediately tells me the answer.

Is it even possible for an optional symbol to even have any meaning when added to PRIDE?
Well, yes. Think of it as a wild card or yourself. Think about the different parts of yourself that make up you: family/heritage, race, religion/spirituality, political affiliation, sexuality, etc. These are all parts of you that can be represented by a strong symbol or symbols.

Overall, charming, fun and joyous at its length.

Gameplay tips / typos:
  • at one point you must walk through a wall

  • several incorrect letters appear in the various versions of “the right path will reveal the truth about _” and “now you know the truth about _”