Wodehousean poll up on IFDB

Hi all.

I just put up a poll on IFDB asking for people’s recommendations on Wodehousean comedy. I searched under the tag Wodehouse, but I cannot believe that the four results I got were all the database has to offer.

You are welcome to place your favorite butler-and-kitchenmaid and m’lord-and-your-ladyship titles in that poll. You can also just tell the world about them here.


Wodehousean Comedy - an IFDB Poll


Oh, nice idea! I added a few thoughts, but hope others put theirs in too since you can’t have too many Wodehouse-inspired games!

(For those who didn’t click through, in addition to a hopefully-forgivable self-plug for the Eleusinian Miseries, I put in the two Magpie games and Lady Thalia and the Seraskier Sapphires, which is more heisty but I think has a certain Wodehousy insouciance to it)