Winter TADS Jam is a Wrap

The judging period for the Winter TADS Jam is now complete. With only one entry, Past Present is in 1st Place with all 5 star ratings.

Past Present is such a high quality game, I am sure it would have been the highest rated game regardless of the number of entries.

This was the inaugural year for the TADS Jam. I hope to run it again next winter. With better promotion and a track record it may attract more attention.

Thanks to everyone that participated at any level. Next year!

PS. I have been somewhat off the forum grid (and everything else) since mid December. COVID kicked me like a football. At 71, the effects were tough. The biggest remnant is retinal bleeding in my right eye. I was already legally blind. The right eye was the “good one”. I’m re-adapting.


The single entry was excellent – I hope it encourages more people to have a look at TADS and enter the competition next time round.

Thanks for organising and running it, in spite of your troubles. I wish you a speedy recovery.


Congratulations to the winner and thank for the organizers. The only game is a GREAT game, in capitals. I forgot to vote 5 stars, becouse I played it, I liked it but… as there was only a game just alone I forgot to vote and review the game.
Pherhaps, as you say, the Jam needs some more propaganda becouse there are a lot of games released in tads along the year.

From here, take my stars and gratitude.

  • Jade

The game was very good! I’m looking forward to the post-mortem!


Thanks everyone! The kind words here and elsewhere are most appreciated.

I hope so as well. One reason I stretched myself to get Past Present out the door in time was to make sure TADS continues to get the attention it deserves.

I hope to put up a postmortem later this week in the TADS channel. Past Present isn’t a terribly complicated game, but perhaps some of the things I learned along the way will be useful to others.

Here’s to the next TADS jam! gHxK4S