Winter Storm Draco

My new text adventure is about the winter storm that the Weather Channel named “Winter Storm Draco.” The name of the game is Winter Storm Draco. If you are unfamiliar with the provenance of this storm and its name, you are in a prime position to be educated by this text adventure.

Its production was supported by the nicest humans on this earth via Patreon.

Not Draco Fiction?

Thank you for always being sure to include a link to a downloadable file. Seriously. Thank you.

Minor bug, possibly a missing INSTEAD:

[spoiler]>put wine in tin
Your housemates are expecting you to bring that home. You can’t leave it with the Altoids tin.

(first taking the bottle)
You put the bottle into the Altoids tin.[/spoiler]

I can’t believe you would defile a Geocache like that.

Defile? More like ENHANCE.

Thanks for the report, Hanon. Putting the wine in the Altoids tin is a clever approach and in a fair and just world would constitute an alternate solution. Unfortunately, programming the wine to behave correctly inside of the tin would take some time—time during which other hapless players might fall prey to the same bug(s). So instead I programmed some holes into the bottom of the tin. The version that’s up now “should” “work” “fine.”

The cover art on IFDB is great. This game is great. I love it.

I will choose to trace the “tekeli-li” and “white figure in the snow” references past Lovecraft and back to The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket. Maybe that’s what the game is really drawing from. I hope it is!

Dangit, Ryan, here I’m expecting an educational walk in the snow.

Then suddenly it’s all Angel of Death and combat systems.

Oh the simple, nonconfrontational joys of Wrenlaw and Ascent of the Gothic Tower.

Ascent of the Gothic Tower did have a potential confrontation.

That was one of the first parser games I played, and I still remember running away and hiding under the staircase, thinking that something horrible would happen if I was caught when there were footsteps approaching. And then it turns out to be the janitor, and he sees you hiding anyway, and he just shakes his head and leaves. That was a formative IF moment for me!

All through Ascent of the Gothic Tower, I kept waiting for pterodactyls.

Thoroughly enjoyed this one, particularly the length and humor. We need more sudden parser fiction. Looking back through this thread, I confess I tried the tin first as well. I’ll post a review on IFDB in a couple days. Thanks Ryan!

Thanks guys!!!


I knew it!