'Winning' in Balderstone 4 (the real one from this year)

I got back from a weeklong trip to the mountains and started playing Ectocomp games, starting with this one due to the author’s personal appeal posted earlier.

I’ve played two games so far, the dolphin game and the 92-day harvest simulator.

In both I received endings that felt like ‘losing’. So I wondered, has anyone found any tips on how to receive a non-losing ending for either of these? If it helps, in my ending for the harvest game my money was $471.In the dolphin game, I had a rocket launcher, laser eye and scream. I spent a couple of rounds in the final battle trying out each weapon, only firing rocket twice and dying.

After I complete the other two games, I plan on coming back to these first ones to try more, especially since Ryan has indicated that there is a hidden path, which could reasonably exist behind winning all 4 games. Because of that, I may not actually look at any tips people post here until I try again, but I wanted to get started early just in case.

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Some of these games have multiple possible endings, but any ending that you discover is correct and acceptable. As in all things, the fact that things could have turned out differently should not distract you from future progress.


That sounds reasonable. I’ll keep recording random thoughts here, too. Such as…

In the skugga lake game, has anyone successfully used the opal in any device besides the hagfish amulet? Or used the hagfish amulet with any other stone? I finished soon after receiving them without experimenting with them.

Edit: I’ve also ‘lost’ in Levatermilia, as well, which was genuinely fun

Edit: And, in the end (hunted), I also died before I could open the office with the key. Editedit: Okay, maybe actually not??

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