WinGlulxe File Storage Location

Hello all!

Does anyone know where WinGlulxe stores file created by Inform 6 code? I’ve been experimenting with writing out files in my game but now I’m getting strange results because data that shouldn’t exist does. I’ve tried to narrow down the reason and the only possibility I have left is that a file exists with the data and that’s where it’s coming from. I’d like to delete it so that I can continue testing the functionality.


Windows Glulxe writes files to the same directory as the Glulx file is in.

I’m not seeing the file… Is it renamed or obfuscated in some way? Does the behaviour change when it’s started from the command line?

@DavidK I found the files in the VS Code root folder (AppData\Local\Programs\Microsoft VS Code). I’m launching Windows Glulxe from a VS Code Inform extension and it must be taking the working directory of VS Code instead.

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My apologies, after looking at the code I was wrong. Files are created in the current directory of the interpreter. In a lot of cases (double clicking on a Glulx file in Explorer, or running Windows Glulxe from the Start Menu and choosing a Glulx file from the resulting file dialog) that is the same thing, but not always. If Glulxe is started by a program such as VS Code, the current directory will be whatever VS Code has set it to be.