Windows makefile doesn't read \ characters

I’m using the latest 3.1.1 update and I’ve noticed a change, albeit perhaps minor to most people. If I have something like this in my .t3m file:

-o build\release\Learn.t3
-Fo build\obj
-Fy build\sym
-source mygame

When I execute t3make, I get stuff this:

error: error creating symbol file “build_sym_main.t3s”

Notice how it’s build_sym? It didn’t read the \ correctly and treat it as build\sym. If I change those lines to build/obj, build/sym, then everything works fine. This is a definite change from the previous version since I’m using the exact same build file I had. Even if I do something like build\sym, I get this:

error: error creating symbol file “build__sym_main.t3s”

Notice the two underscores now replacing the \. So it’s not a matter of escaping it.

Again, this is only on Windows.

You need to use “/” instead of “”. It uses the URL path convention.

I don’t know whether enforcing “/” was actually intentional though. You’d need to ask Mike Roberts about it.

I think it’s reasonable on Windows to allow . Sounds like a bug to me,

Wouldn’t having Windows-specific syntax lose some of the portability?

Interesting. I just checked out:

That would appear that my original build file (with build\obj) should never have worked. Yet I’m just about positive it did.

Anyway, I guess this isn’t an issue.