Windows IDE Suggestions

I don’t expect that David Kinder will view these comments as a high priority … but just for the record:

The ability of the Index Contents list to jump you to a specific section of the source is very nice, except that if you’re actually writing new source, it quickly and reliably fails. It appears to use line number (though of course no line numbers are displayed) rather than any sort of dynamic link. As a result, if I type 10 new lines early in the source, the link in the Contents to anything beyond the new material will now be off by 10 lines.

The other thing I find frustrating is that when you do a back-arrow in the Documentation or Extensions tab, you’re not taken back to the place where you were before in the home page of the Documentation or Extensions: You’re taken to the TOP of that page, with any sub-menus in the Documentation once again closed. This is consistently annoying, especially if you have a lot of Extensions installed, as I do. Every time I want to check another of Eric Eve’s Extensions, I have to scroll down and down and down and down and…

Okay, I got that off my chest. Now back to work.

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