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Given that Windows 8 allows HTML/Javascript-based apps to be sold in their marketplace, I was wondering if anyone has tried to port a web-based interpreter into a Windows 8 app? I don’t know Javascript very well, and when I did a straight copy-paste of Parchment I ended up getting a couple errors (when I did a search I found this). I tried to do a quick replacement with the solution given in the link, but it didn’t seem to work and I’m not comfortable enough in web development to really dig into it.

So…has anyone tried to do this? Do you think it might succeed as a distribution system for IF?

I saw somebody doing the same thing with the Firefox Marketplace, which is analogous. It’s certainly possible. I’m not sure whether it would be successful as a way of selling IF, but then I’m not exactly a blazing success in the iOS App Store either.

I’m not personally interested in getting Parchment in any app store, but I’ll accept any bugfixes which are needed for that to happen. It may be very hard to appease their policies, Parchment does a lot of dynamic compilation.

I am porting Shadow to Win 8 Store. Still working on the UX, but it’s going well. I have a fairly detailed design and it uses the Win 8 paradigms. But I’m using FyreVM and using the C#/XAML project. I’m still a bit intimidated by the JS/HTML5 projects.

I heard an anecdote (from an MS person, so suspicious) that highly updated apps with ads are raking in $10’s of thousands of dollars on Win8Store.

David C.

MS people have awful anecdotes.

It’s endemic.

It’s probably not exactly a “web-based interpreter” but when I looked at the new releases in the Windows 8 store this morning I did find one called Frotz8 (by Adam Dawes), which turns out to be a z-code interpreter packaged as a Windows 8 app (based on It also runs under Windows RT, which means I can use it to play z-code games on my Surface RT (well, actually I could before, but only by jailbreaking it, so it’s both nice and more convenient to have a more “official” solution). As the author says in the description in the Windows Store, there’s still a few features to add to complete the job, but from what I’ve tried so far it’s fine for playing z-code games. I was very pleased to come across it, at any rate!

You can read more about that here.