Windows 8.1 Touch Version of The Shadow in the Cathedral

*** Update 8/15/14 ***
We’ve been through a number of revisions. Stuff was breaking. I’ve tested through Chapter 7 on 8", 11", 13", and 22" screens. There’s one minor UX issue (on smaller tablets, sliding the main text doesn’t stick…it bounces back to the top. Not a show-stopper, but annoying). There were issues with some markup when it’s incorrect…this is really the main testing point. To play all the way through, touching hints for every chapter. Latest version is

The new touch version of The Shadow in the Cathedral for Windows 8.1 is complete. I’m working through testing it on my own, but would really appreciate it if two or three other people pitched in. I’m offering $50 Amazon Gift Cards for real testing.

In order to install and run the app, you’ll need to have a Microsoft Developer License. This is now free and if you follow these instructions (a bit techie) you can get one installed on your PC.

Another caveat is that Shadow 8 requires Windows 8.1. Since I think most people that have 8 have upgraded to 8.1 anyway, this shouldn’t be a huge issue. If you have 8, I highly recommend you upgrade anyway.

Download the side loading app package from:

After downloading it, right-click the file and click Properties. Click Unblock then OK.

Unzip the file to a local folder. Find the ps1 file, right-click it, then click Run with Powershell.

When prompted, make sure you enter Y to add the certificate.

Let me know you’re testing, of course. You can send feedback to me here or in an e-mail to david at textfyre

David C.