Will there be an IF Comp 2015 Post-mortem chat?

Last year we had a IF Comp post-mortem discussion, which I greatly enjoyed, even though I didn’t participate. Are there any plans to host a similar chat this year? I could probably join in if it’s in an IRC channel accessible to mibbit.

You could certainly arrange one. Especially if it’s on a no-signup chat space.

I invited a bunch of people to the 2015 author google community but realized my invites don’t show unless I’m in one of your circles.

I’d like to be part of this. I think. I hope.

Maybe it could be set up on Slack or something that doesn’t require mud commands?

+1. That would be fabulous.

I know some people who are working on a chat app that is similar to Slack, but easier to set up (You can set up a channel that’s just open to the open internet, without people having to make accounts to join). I could get that set up if there’s interest?

I would really prefer IRC or something that could be accessed through a simple web client than Slack.

Here, I don’t know how many people will be interested, but we can get something together using this: euphoria.io/room/if/

Cool. I will take a look at that next week when I’m home from this trip.