Will Inform7 run on the new Macbook Air with M2

As the title says. I’m perhaps getting one of these for Christmas, and before encouraging my overly generous wife I want to check I can use it.

My understanding is that “rosetta” takes care of this but I’d rather hear from someone with actual experience.

I don’t have a M2 but I have a very recently bought new M1 MacBook Pro running Monterey (haven’t yet upgraded it to Ventura).

Inform 10 is a Universal application, so runs on M1/Silicon natively, without needing Rosetta 2. I am running version 1.82.

I have various earlier versions of Inform 7 still installed, all Intel programs that run under Rosetta 2. They continue to just work.

Now it is technically possible that M2 is different in all this from M1. But I think you will be absolutely fine, especially with the very latest release that is coded directly for these chips.

Hopefully someone else running M2 already can chip in too :wink: