Will I have to do this myself?

Isn’t anyone gonna help me?

Here’s what I’m thinking of so far:
(don’t read unless you are on my team and committed on helping out)

[spoiler]Letter to original author:
How does this sound for our game?

Extra Rooms

1: Behind crowded parking lot (IF Mall entrance)
2: Behind Susan’s garage and under basement (extends to IF Mall)
3: Under IF Mall food court (tunnel entrance from Crosswalk water fountain)
4: AIF 5 and AIF 6 lots (entrance from tunnel maze)
5: AIF 4 and AIF 3 lots (entrance from tunnel maze)
6: Casting Office basement (utility closet entrance locked until all maps are found)
7: Second floor “Museum of Inform” to “Museum of Tads” walkway (walkway leads to IF Mall)

Missing Maps

Map 1 - BMW windshield wiper flyer (promotion for mall)
Map 2 - On other side of ad in AIF dressing room (in warehouse)
Map 3 - On other side of unsigned contract in AIF dressing room (in warehouse)
Map 4 - Hidden in tree knot at Susan’s place
Map 5 - Taped to Susan’s toilet, on other side of OUT OF ORDER sign
Map 6 - Under printer paper by Zerox machine (must copy contract multiple times first)
Map 7 - On reverse side of “Director Only Parking” sign where BMW is (at empty parking lot)

Maps numbered for convenience but don’t need to be obtained in order.
Must get object clues in order (some clues with numbered maps).

1: Key for AIF theater hanging on tree branch in empty parking lot
2: Spycam pendent hanging on Susan’s shower rod (in our version you can take her clothes laying on the floor, strip in any part of the house, museum, and mall, open her shower door, and get in with Susan.)
3: Robe in Susan’s master bedroom (lying on bed)
4: Power Ring hanging on branch of Susan’s tree (all children in game are young adults)
5: Toolbox on shelf of Susan’s garage (for boarded up AIF set)
6: Webcam attachment on catwalk of AIF warehouse (for mind control/spycam pendent)
7: Grappling hook/gun in IF Mall food court (for high or far objects)

You don’t have to get the maps right away.
Hint for IF Mall food court at start (translucent sea shells by brook).

IF Mall and food court will be in construction during map quest with mapped sections completed.
Name “Soap On A Rope” (for spycam reference) copyrighted.


After you left you realized you didn’t get to say goodbye to everybody.
While playing with a pocket sized glow in the dark superball you just bought, you examine it closer and see it’s glowing much brighter now, like the orbs that you had in the IF/AIF world.

You consult the tome about it.
“Consult tome about pocket sized orb.”

You can consult the tome on many subjects to help you on the way.
If there’s a word in that explanation you don’t understand, then type “look up” (word).
Notice you didn’t have to type “tome”.
The magic tome will assume that you’re looking up the word in it.

The tome goes on to say: “It’s part of a lost pendent that was broken up ages ago because of it’s great power which corrupted anyone who dare posses it.”
It continues: “After it’s used 3 times it’s life is depleted, and must be recharged by the ring of power.”

“Consult tome about ring of power.”
“A mystical ring that powers a magic pendent.
The ones who forged this ring kept loosing it in underground tunnels, but found hanging it in various places would help them remember where it was, only they forgot where the last place they hung it was.”

“Look up various.”
“Many categories, times, or places.”

A box seemed to just appear out of nowhere when you tripped over a big book in the library.
After opening the box, you see some bubble wrap packing you used to play with as a kid.
Looking around nervously you quickly stuff a sheet in your pocket for popping on your way home.
You then see a small scroll (it wasn’t really small but what you saw of it appeared that way).
Hoping it would bring you back to the world you just left, you open the scroll and read the words aloud.

Another Backlot (original concept by A. Bomire).

Sex and sexual themes used with the chick.t library by NewKid with Suzanne Skinner’s chatter.t library included.

Original game setting programmed with Tads 2 (ported to HTML Tads).

While you’re on the quest to find all the pieces of this device, and the maps for each location, you discover time is not only passing in this world, but time also goes by faster here.
When you get to the IF world, it isn’t populated by the “actors” anymore, and there seems to be a change in the layout.

The owners of the IF Museum really let things go because they haven’t had a tour group in years!
The AIFs want to build more lots and want the IFs to move the museum because of new AIF property.
After a long dragged out battle, it was agreed that the AIFs can have the two ends in one story, if the IFs can have the center in two stories.
This was a problem for the AIFs since they had no entrance to the building (which was the idea).
AIFs can now mix with IFs from some long tunnels in the basement headed towards a construction site that will eventually become a 2 story mall foodcourt (mall entrance in back of parking lot near Studio 14, extending to back of garage).

The construction of this mall relies on finding hidden maps.
Since the mall attracts so many visitors, populating this world depends on you.

Sex is optional like before, but points are now given when you can access certain objects.
For instance a toolbox is on Susan’s shelf in her garage, but you need the step ladder to reach the shelf, so you have to run back to the utility closet from another location, and open the door to get the step ladder.
This is why I said the new objects must be found in order.

The new AIF Lots are AIF Lot 6: Combined with IF Museum
AIF Lot 5: North of IF Museum
AIF Lot 4: North/East of AIF Lot 5
AIF Lot 3: East of AIF Lot 4
Fence (with “KEEP OUT” sign) between lots 3 and 2

Apparently they also had a dispute over land.
A lot is 3 spaces long in your game, but the AIFs wanted to expand that in mine.
Now there are 3 buildings to explore (on lots 1 and 2) instead of just 2.
AIF Lot 1 is also gated from the IFs, with a sign saying “MUST BE 18 OR OLDER TO ENTER”.
Of course this doesn’t matter since all children in this world are 18 or older.[/spoiler]

I would strongly recommend reading the following (now locked) thread before deciding to join IF noob’s ‘team’.

I would like to apologise to IF noob, (and all other members) for me becoming so irate that I resorted to a couple of insults towards IF noob in that thread.
Everything else I said, I stand by 100%.

I didn’t program the sex library, but I knew it was AIF when I got into it, just as I’ve been saying all along here.
Does the IF player or novice IF writer really not know the term?

By the way the game this is from The Backlot has been reviewed on the site as an adult game, you should have known what to expect.

There isn’t any restriction on discussing AIF games or recruiting would-be AIF designers, but all the same these forums don’t see many posts about “adult” games.

You may have better luck finding collaborators on a dedicated AIF board. I assume such things exist, though I’m not sure where to point you.

Indeed! :slight_smile: -> AIF site

I’ll look at that, but in the meantime:

Greeny, I want you to know sex and sexual themes are just small parts of this.
Remember when people thought there was a nude code for Lara Croft in the Playstation’s Tomb Raider?
It’s sort of like that.
It would be more exploration and treasure hunt than anything else.

The crux of this game is an empty magical world you must re-populate by finding all maps, getting all objects, and accessing all hidden or locked areas.

For instance finding a key that fits in an AIF set will reveal it’s just a small storage room that has a bunch of keys hanging on hooks.
You better find the right keys fast because time is ticking away.

At any moment you can stop the clock temporarily once you build a certain object, but this must only be activated three times and then runs out of energy, so it’s magic should be used wisely, such as used on a secretory in an office building who won’t let you through her boss’s door.

I am under the impression that finding collaborators in IF is almost impossible if you have not published at least one average-to-good game yourself. People generally want to see proof that you have the skill and commitment needed to make a good game before they decide to work with you.

In fact, I’m not even sure it would be easy to find IF collaborators once you have proven yourself: it tends to be a community of people who like working alone. In last year’s IF Comp, I believe only 2 out of 26 games were written by more than one person. So if you don’t get any reactions, that doesn’t mean people hate you or your game idea. It just means that it’s hard to find people who (a) want to write IF, and (b) don’t have a game idea of their own that they would rather work on.

That sounds to me like a portfolio.
I can’t get a job without references, and I can’t get references without a job. :cry:

How can I get recommendations for IF and a half premade AIF?

^^That sounds like something that ought to change.

Re-reading the locked thread Greeny pointed out, I was wondering if Rockstar (got sued for hooker abuse in GTA San Andreas) would like to give me some recommendations.