wiki post not showing up

I tried posting a page to the Wiki—an index to the system and technical manuals—but I seem to be missing a step or two.

The Wiki tells me the page has been created (pages, actually, I stumbled around and managed to create it twice) but it’s nowhere to be found. At least, there are no links pointing to it. I can get links to both of the pages if I go to my Contributions page, but that presumably isn’t accessible by anyone but me, and undoubtedly gerynar.

The page is here…

…and there…

…but how do I make it accessible?


Normally you need to edit a page (like the front page) to add the link. Or there are ways to add a category to your page which automatically adds it to a list of links with that category (on a different category page). That’s the basics anyway.


Here’s an example page with a category Adv3,

If you’re using Eric Eve’s Adv3Lite library, please see [[Thing (adv3Lite)]] instead.

'''Coming Soon'''


See also, … egory_page

I’ve included a link to the sidebar that shows up on all pages to this page.

The link doesn’t show up on the main page sidebar Gerynar ( … =Main_Page), is that what you want?

Great index btw Jerry!

Agree on the great index, it shows up fine when I go there, it’s right below “Main Page” in the navigation portion of the side bar. It’s called “Index to TADS 3 Docs”. You may have to clear your browser’s cache for it to show up.



Yes, I was hoping to see the link on the main page sidebar. But now that I think it through a bit more, it does seem unscalable to add every posted page to that location.

I’m not a Wiki power user. So how do most people navigate through something like this?

How does a casual user of the Wiki know that there are posts on any given subject? How does someone know there is a TADS3 Index, unless they already know the index exists and they know what search terms can be used to locate it?

Is there an index to the Wiki?

I was a bit surprised when I was posting my TADS3 index to find it finally listed under the somewhat confusing (to me, at least) category called “Wiki Categories.” I would never have thought to look under there if I weren’t hunting for a post that I was sure was hidden somewhere.

Also, when I was futzing around trying to get it to show up, I created two index pages. Is there a second one lurking around in the shadows on the Wiki, or did you delete the extra one? I tried to, but could not find a way to do that. How does one delete a post, anyway? If there are two copies of this post, and only one gets updated, what guarantee is there that the updated post is the one accessed by the sidebar link, or a search result?


Yep, that did the trick.

Jerry, I think the index is important enough to put it in the sidebar. But apart from that, usually you organize a wiki with a kind of table of contents on the front page that allow you to drill down to sub-topics. Other than that people generally just use the search box. You can look at for an example of something that’s been worked on for a while.