Why won't Inform allow actions with values and things together?

This is not a “please solve my problem” post. I just want to understand why this restriction exists. Why is

Donating is an action applying to one number and one person.

not allowed? I’ve read the error message, sure, but why can values and things not exist together in harmony?

(Not to denigrate “please solve my problem” posts. I create them all the time :slight_smile: )

EDIT: Never mind! I read the error message wrong. I can just change “person” to “thing” and everything’s all good. D’oh!


Huh, I’m also curious for the brain trust to weigh in on this, because I know stuff like TURN DIAL TO 54 works for safes, etc.

Oh for goodness sake, I read the error message completely wrong. Forget I said anything :man_facepalming:


person (or any arbitrary name of kind of object) actually works there in the current development version. But thing in that context will really mean object (like it does today) and not kind-thing per se.