Why won't Basic Screen Events by Emily Short load?

:question: I put the “Include Basic Screen Effects by Emily Short.” line in the file, but the index doesn’t list it as part of the game, and give me the message “Problem. In the sentence ‘pause the game’ , I can’t find a verb that I know how to deal with.” It’s supposed to be pre-installed! What am I not doing? I need this extension! Using version 6M62 of Inform 7 and v 7/140425 of Basic Screen Effects. This is driving me crazy! (And, as usual, the Inform 7 ‘documentation’ is no help.)

I take it from the other thread that you figured this out.

…but I’m guessing that the reason the Index didn’t list it as part of the game is that you hadn’t yet successfully compiled a version of the game that included it–once you fixed the problem from the other thread, it should show up in the index.