Why is a TV a compelling game feature?

Why is a TV a compelling game feature? I added a TV in my last game and it’s basically the highlight of it…so I added an achievement if you watch it a ton. People love the TV. It’s just a random script to display snarky messages but for some reason players are pulled to objects like this.

Why do you think that is?


From how you describe it I guess it’s tapping into curiousity (what will come next) and thrill seeking (i enjoyed that). Much like a slot machine.


I put a TV into my IFComp entry as a hint system, joke machine, and efficient world building element. I think the novelty of having a show-within-a-show is part of the appeal.


Yeah, you can do so much with a TV (omens, puzzles, hint, background, or all in one) that it seems so helpful.


Curiosity, and it helps with world-building and knowing more of the lore and what happens in the world. You put snarky messages, so people want to catch’em all™ and have fun doing so, after all, no one wants to feel left out.