Why do posts unpin? Can I turn it off?

I’ve had the Inform 7 Documentation wiki post open for several weeks as I’m working on a large scale I7 project.

It’s a great resource, and I only found it because it was pinned at the top of the #authoring:inform-7 topic. Unfortunately, now that I’ve left it open, it seems to randomly unpin itself and I have to keep re-pinning it… is there a way to make sure that this post stays pinned for me?


If you click on the pin icon so it points down: image

The post should stay pinned for you.

I’ve done that a few times now, and it seems to work for a time before unpinning itself again… Any reason why that would be the case?

That’s a Discourse setting, which you can disable in the “Interface” section under your user preferences by unchecking “Automatically unpin topics when I reach the bottom.”


You can also bookmark a topic or individual post. Hit the bookmark icon that appears from the ellipsis on the message.

Bookmark interface

Screen Shot 2021-11-19 at 7.09.28 PM

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This is the second time this week someone has mentioned losing track of that post, so I just added How Not to Lose This Post.

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