Why can't t3make create its own obj directory?

Simple thing but I’m finding it’s easier to run TADS from the command line than the IDE, at least when setting up the project. So I have my Burglar.t3m and my start.t. I run “t3make -f burglar.t3m” and it starts to work but then fails because the obj directory isn’t there.

I realize I can just manually create the directory of course but why doesn’t the compiler just do that for me since it knows exactly what needs to be done? I’d make this a change request if there’s a way to do it. Compilers should be able to create their dependent directories when those directories are specified.


t3make -help

and read carefully. You’ll find an option that should do what you want.

I see it. Using -FC does the trick. Still seems like that should be a default, no? What would be the reason for NOT creating the directories if they don’t exist? Then again, I suppose an extra option isn’t that big of a hassle.

You can put options directly in the makefile. Like:

-Fy obj -Fo obj -FC
There was a discussion some years ago about which should be the default. Some people were in favor of creating directories by default, some people were against it. I was against it. But I don’t remember why anymore :laughing: It’s been too long.