Why can't me talk about me?

Hello everyone!

I’m having a weird problem with the dialog system in my game.

I am using a system 90% lifted from the documentation, based on tables.

You are basically playing Sharazade, and you better find stories to entertain the Sultan, or else.

[code]The conversation of Sultan is Table of Sultan.

Table of Sultan
topic reply
“me/myself/yourself/story/my story” “'So, you come from lands afar? Tell me stories and tales about the kingdoms and provinces you have crossed, for I long to hear about distant places.”
“love story” “[story1]”
“mystery story” “[story2]”
“cliffhanger” “[story3]”[code]


The problem is, all of them work fine, except the “me/myself/yourself/story” options.

ask sultan about me
tell sultan about myself
tell sultan about yourself

They all return blanks. I think it’s pretty natural for the player to want to talk about themselves, so I’d like to find a way to make it work.

The trick here is that “story” at the end. Your slashes are being read as alternates for the first word in that phrase, not for the whole phrase. So currently the topic will match “me story”, “myself story”, “yourself story”, “story story”, or “my story”.

Changing this to

"me/myself/yourself/story" or "my story"

should do the trick.

Ah, the slashes indicate synonyms, not “equivalent” topics! facepalm

Thanks a lot, Emily! :slight_smile: