Why are some ADRIFT games not web-playable on adrift.co?

I noticed that adrift.co has a neat feature that lets you play some games online. But Mangiasaur, the Reluctant Resurrectee, and Goldilocks is a FOX! are not playable online. I got around the last one because it has a nice Inform port, but does anyone know why these games don’t work online, and if there is a way around it?

By the look of things, online play has been disabled for games written with version 4. At one time, the WebRunner would auto-convert all games on the site to version 5 which led to plenty of issues. None of my games should be playable online as they’re all written with version 4.

Yeah, I saw that for myself too. Adrift 5 can play Adrift 4 games… but it’s much better for you not to try it, and use the Adrift 4 interpreter instead. FWIW.

Bummer… I’m doing almost all of my playing on mobile now.

And adrift has been fun; I enjoyed your Bulldog game, David. The hit points vs. puzzles option nice!

Thanks. I was always fond of the Bulldog myself. I started writing a third game in the series years ago but it kind of fell by the wayside. Maybe I should go back to it one day and finish it.