Who is You?

x me, x myself and x yourself all correspond to the same thing. But x you does not*. So who does ‘you’ refer to?

Can anyone point me towards documentation explaining how Inform changes whether the player character is first, second or third person perspective? I couldn’t seem to find anything in the official manual.


  • I’m sure this could change depending on other settings, but this was the result in the sample I was looking at.

I’m pretty sure it doesn’t (change), because it’s not something built-into Inform. What is built-in is “which person is the PC”, so if there are many NPCs in a room and the player takes control of an NPC you will notice a change.

But 1st, 2nd and 3rd person aren’t built-into. To achieve them you have to manually edit most, if not all, of the responses. However, there are a couple of extensions that do provide an entire framework for diferent perspectives as well as different tenses (present, past). Maybe those extensions do take care of “you”, updating as necessary, I don’t know. But you certainly won’t find anything about it in the built-in stuff.

I think “yourself” works because it’s the name of the default player character. But “you” isn’t defined as a synonym for the “yourself” person - it’s handled by pronouns code.

I think you can add it. Understand “you” as yourself. or somesuch. (“as the player”, “as Bob when…”, etc.)