Who does the Infocom Documentation Project

Who’s the one behind the Infocom Documentation Project at infodoc.plover.net/?

“Kindly hosted by plover.net.”

Plover.Net is sponsored by Textfyre”

I don’t know for certain, but I’d hazard DavidC, based on the above.

If my sleuthing skills let me down, I don’t deserve to be an IFer.

I asked because I’m not sure if DavidC is directly doing it or gave someone else some webspace to do it.

Fair enough. I’ll still be on the lookout to see if I should start eating my Sherlock Holmes hat.

EDIT - If I’d actually thought about it for more than two seconds, I’d have considered the meaning of the word “sponsored”. Argh. This happens to me when solving puzzles in games, too.

This is on the “about” page on the site:

“Please send questions and comments about the web site to the webmaster, Gunther Schmidl (gschmidl at gmx dot at). If you want to join the project, e-mail Roger J. Long (longrj2 at gte dot net).”

Hat duly eaten.

For what it’s worth, I thought it was David Welbourn because when I see plover.net, I think of his walk through and map index (plover.net/~davidw/sol/index.html). A lot of Davids involved in one question.

It’s an interesting question which is more disproportionately involved in the IF scene, Davids or Matt Ws.