Who Are You, Mr. Cooper? on Google Play


I want to introduce you Who Are You, Mr. Cooper?, a steampunk choose-your-own-adventure game. It was released on Google Play not long ago.

This is a story about the adventures of Wilson Smith in the huge industrial city of Staighrem. The main character gets into a dangerous and totally incomprehensible situation. A friend of Wilson died in an exploded pub and before his death had asked to find Alexander Cooper and give him a cyphered letter. After that criminals started to hunt for the hero and he decided to find Alexander and try to understand what’s going on?


  • 13 districts of 4 types
  • 32 items and 8 of them can be assembled (more will be added with updates)
  • 50+ unique text adventures with multiple choices (more will be added with updates)
  • Comics graphics inspired by Mike Mignola
  • High replay value

You can get the game on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ua.com.tlftgames.waymc
PC and iOS versions will be released soon.

Website: http://waymc.tlftgames.com.ua/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WhoAreYouMrCooper/
Tumblr: http://tlftgames.tumblr.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/tlftgames

I would appreciate any support: comments, ratings, reviews!

Thank you for attention!


Nice user interface, looks very nice. Is this game based on an existing authoring system or is it bespoke.

good luck with it!

Seconding the slick user interface - though I did wish that there was an option to enlarge the font for easy reading (I’m guessing the font size increases if I make it full-screen)! First impressions were definitely that it was very lush and somewhat inspired by Fallen London, not least in the setting and the aesthetic.

I’d welcome any information about how apps can be created from choice-based game writing systems. I’ve set myself the challenge this year of creating a commercial game/story.

J. J. Guest

The game was made with LibGDX (cross-platform game framework). I didn’t use any visual novel engines like Ren’Py or AeroQSP, if I understand you right.

You’re not the first who was telling that WAYMC is similar to Fallen London. But the truth is that I didn’t play Fallen London yet (but I want to play it). I was inspired by Out There and Arcanum when I was making WAYMC.
I have plans to do a PC version of the game. I’ll add option for selecting font size.

I can give you only one advice: start with a scenario. I didn’t use IF engines so I can’t tell how to use them. I know that some developers write IF games as bots in IM like Telegram.

Thanks for all comments! Your feedback is very important for me now.

Black Friday! You have a great opportunity to buy WAYMC at a discounted price!

Each owner of a copy of the game will be able to take part in the beta test of the new update in which you will find many surprises!