Who all's entering Spring Thing this year?

So I was wondering who’s thinking of entering Spring Thing this time around. I don’t have anything ready, but I look forward to seeing more quality content from people.

Is anyone going to enter anything ‘weird’? I think the interactive opera from a few years ago was my favorite odd thing entered.

I’ve got something planned for the back garden. It’s partially inspired by a couple of posts I read on this forum. I’m not sure if I will get it done in time, but it should fall into the “weird” category. In other words, it’s either a really good idea or a really bad idea and I can’t tell which right now.


I’ve had a project in progress intended for Spring Thing since last Spring Thing. I suppose actually entering an intent would be the motivator to finish it instead of repeatedly opting to do literally anything else! Perhaps I will do this!


I will be entering Spring Thing, and Brian as you know, my work, in general, is weird to begin with.


I entered an intent, so I formally Intend now.


I’ve intended, and even have about a quarter of a game, so there’s a chance it’ll get entered. It’s got pirates in.

(This reminds me I still have to make a more visually accessible mode for last year’s game, too.)


I should be entering the Back Garden category w/ a demo for something involving graphics. At least, I’ve submitted an intent!