Which rulebook?

For a sort-of-like-Ad-Verbum puzzle in one of my WiPs, I’d like to examine the player’s command word-by-word to see whether it has a certain property. However, I only want to do this if the input was successfully parsed (so not After Reading a Command). Which rulebook should I use for this?

Tricky. If the player types “ne. se. open window. dfgjdfkg”, do you want your rule to execute zero times, one time, three times, or four times?

The simplest answer is “Before doing something”. (Which is executed three times in the above example, assuming there is a window object at the appropriate spot.)

That will probably be best; to avoid cluttering that rulebook I’ll make a new one and call it at the appropriate point. Thanks!

You could make a setting action variables rule… it won’t be as cluttered, and it already exists!

Aha, that’s what I was looking for. I figured there was something like that.