Which I6 version does I7 compiles to?

As I understand it, I7 compiles to I6. Which version of I6 is included in I7, and if there’s a difference between it and current stand alone I6, is there a documentation detailing the difference?

I have no interest in I7, but maybe I should use the I6 included therein.


I very much prefer Inform 6. The latest version for Windows is 6.41. You can download it at: IF Archive - I6

It is also available for Unix* at : I6 - Gitlab


The latest release for everybody is 6.41. That is also the version that’s in the I7 packages.

The I6 language itself hasn’t changed much in recent years. The big changes to the compiler are:

  • Better support for Z-code v3 (for the PunyInform crowd)
  • Generating more efficient code (nice for everybody, but again the v3 users have the most need of this)
  • Getting rid of a bunch of compiler settings that didn’t affect your game, you just had to handhold the compiler to keep it from crashing. These are now all automated.

So you want to use the latest version, but it doesn’t mean you write your I6 game differently.