Which body parts, and why?

I’m not sure I want to click that link.

But what, in the name of all things ominous, is “The Game”?

You know how when someone tells you not to think of pink elephants, you can’t help but do exactly that? The one rule of The Game is that you’re not supposed to think of The Game. Thinking of it means losing.

My link leads to freedom.

Dude! Nobody, and I really do mean NOBODY, has EVER told me not to think (or even to think, for that matter) of pink elephants… and I quite frankly wouldn’t much care if they did (or didn’t).

It quite sounds to me like your link leads to insanity. Which – no doubt – Cthulhu would love… but the rest of us?

Eh, not so much. :frowning_face:

Why would George’s thing for washing your backside have anything to do with this?

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Alas, I fear that sailed cleanly over my mostly-bald noggin…

No, that’s the current US president. You’re thinking of a minor first-aid plaster use to cover and protect small cuts.

I’d make a tail of “kind of thing” (in Inform 7) and make sure anyone who needs one has one as an incorporated part.

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Which is kinda too bad, 'cos that actually sounded like a fun game! :open_mouth:

Quick poll: WITHOUT looking it up first, how many people here know what a “philtrum” is…?

(I do!)


I believe it’s the groovy bit between the nose and upper lip. Did I remember right?


It’s a kind of love potion, of course!

I also know what it really is, but am enjoying the running joke.



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One addendum to Kawa’s spot-on succinct explanation: everyone is playing it, everywhere, all the time…

And @Kawa : Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Oh, rot.

I’m not, nor is anyone who clicked my link.

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As far as mind viruses go, I’m more fond of Roko’s Basilisk myself. Vengeful omnipotent AI overlords are more my speed.


No, that’s a philtre. A philtrum is a mechanism that blocks some things from going through but allows others.

(Fun fact: philtre (“love potion”) and philtrum (“groove between nose and lips”) are two separate borrowings of the same Ancient Greek word. It’s the verb phileō “to kiss, to love” plus the ending -tron “thing for ___ing”, so it can be used for either a thing that makes people love you, or a thing that you kiss with.)