Which adaptation would you rather see?

I’ve spent the last month building a cool game interface that combines a parser text adventure with an html gamebook. I’m happy with the sample games I’ve built for myself with it, and I’m ready to build my first serious game with what I have ready.

I want to create a fully fleshed out adaptation of one of these B&W films:

Which would you most like to see? The finished game will include visuals, puzzles and all kinds of other neat things.


Metropolis, please.

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I think most of those are public domain, but make sure you check!

I’d personally rather see an original incorporating different elements of those rather than a straight up adaptation.

For a time Metropolis was in the public domain and then fell back under copyright. It goes back into public domain in 2022. So, if you are a really slow writer, it should be OK.

Or, maybe contact the rights holder and ask permission.

I plan to make a loose adaptation of whatever I choose, but a credited adaptation all the same.

As for a Metropolis game, I suppose I wouldn’t mind sitting on it that much, but maybe I should save it for another time. Perhaps Caligari would be the way to go.

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