Where to find this information?

Hi chaps

I want to have a door that is locked and opens if the player has x, y and z in their holdall.

I think I need something like “Instead of going through the big door…” but I don’t know what ‘condition’ syntax I should using after that.

Is there somewhere where I can see all the possible things I could put after a noun in an instead command?

Perhaps “instead of going through the big door unless the player has x, y and z in their holdall…otherwise…”


Are you trying to use multiple keys all at once in your inventory at said door?

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Perhaps something like this.

The black door is locked.
Before opening the black door when the player encloses the red key and the player encloses the blue key and the player encloses the green key:
     say "You hear the lock click open.";
     now the black door is unlocked.

“Enclosed” means that the keys are held by the player, or in something held by the player (or in something inside something held by… you get the idea). If you want the keys to be strictly in the holdall, you could say “when the holdall encloses the red key…” instead.

Before going through the security scanner when (the player does not enclose the Alpha Emitter or the player does not enclose the Beta Generator or the player does not enclose the Gamma Reactor): say "The security scanner beeps angrily, and you step back."

The parentheses aren’t strictly necessary here, but can help when you’re using more complicated conditions.

Note that this isn’t locking/unlocking per se, but forbidding/allowing the player to go through. This circumvents some of the boilerplate for locking and unlocking doors, which could get annoying with multiple keys.

You can put any condition. Conditions can come from just about any part of the language (and the reference manual). There’s no single list, but going through the manual will help remind you of what the language can do.

Thanks all. Exactly what I was after. And yes, allowing the player through is a better description of what I was after rather than unlocked par se.

But, instead of asking the forum each time I get stuck on a syntax, is there some bible in the docs that says “here’s a list of options you can use after this verb, or noun” ?

The docs are good, but I’m after a dictionary of terms perhaps rather than a “this is how doors work” type of page.


Check out the index in the IDE which keeps an updated encyclopedia of every verb and object in the game, among other things. If you go to the “actions” tab, it will let you drill down to each verb and explain the syntax.

It’s good to read the documentation (over a period of time) to just get the sense of where everything is in it, but you can also search the documentation for phrases like “in the presence of”.