Where to find IF speakers for a UK event?

A friend of mine has gotten themselves mixed up with organising a retro-game event. She knows nothing about computing (which is making for an interesting time), but I mentioned to her that representing IF would be a good idea. So, I’m looking for potential speakers or suggestions for southern UK based IF speakers for an event in mid February. Any input would be much appreciated.

I’m always happy to talk about Quest whenever I get a chance, so if you think that would be suitable please send me an email - alex@axeuk.com.

This sounds like a pretty cool event. I live in south England and I’m a competent public speaker, but I’m not a big name in any way. If you don’t find anyone more prestigious, I’d be happy to give an entertaining talk on the nature and history of IF. (notquitethere@gmail.com). Is it the Kent Expo?

Yeop. The location’s great for IF too, having been building up its reputation for having a vibrant independent art scene for a while now, so I’m really keen to get it represented. I know we’ve got some irons in the fire with terms of other game and technology speakers, so you won’t be alone.

Anyway, thanks muchly! I’ll pass along both your offers when I meet the other organisers next.