Where Does Your Time Go?

Where does most of your time go to writing IF?

Some possibilities might be:
Writing the code
Writing content and descriptions
Debugging and testing

I’d say that, of the time that I explicitly set aside to sit down at the PC and write IF, by far the most time is spent playing Fallout 3.

What a great game. The penultimate mission is mind-blowing awesome.

If only they’d never made it. How many creative projects I’d have finished by now…

In all seriousness, one thing I’ve found is that I probably spend about as much time (if not longer) testing than coding - but only because testing involves a lot of waiting for beta-testers to get back to you. Fixing the bugs they find is usually pretty straightforward (though mileage will vary), but obviously it takes time for them to find those bugs - and while they’re doing that you just have to pace up and down and boil water like an expectant father from a couple of centuries back.

I spent a lot of time writing descriptions. All of the tasks were time-consuming, of course, but writing takes some creativity and I tried to flesh out all sorts of anticipated user commands that didn’t necessarily further the game, to make it feel immersive.

Flip (but not inaccurate) answer: making things even more random than they were yesterday.

Slightly Less Flip (but not inaccurate) answer: laughing at my own jokes, then feeling a bit embarrassed about that.

Not Flip (perhaps misleading) answer: Testing, followed by coding, followed by writing the stuff the player actually sees.

I can’t give percentages, because I jump between code, game text, and testing minute by minute.

Practically every line of code (or text) I write, I do a recompile to see how it looks in the context of the game so far. So testing must be the biggest share of the time, technically. But I don’t split it out like that; it’s part of the coding time or the writing time.


true. I guess most of my time is spent either playing the great classics in the genre or commenting about them or trolling in web forums and newsgroups for them. ^^;

OTOH, I finally have my first IF ready to be published ASAP – and by ASAP I mean in a few days or weeks. Nothing ambitious, specially for someone who trolls so much for deep and engaging IF… :stuck_out_tongue:

like zarf, I too do it all at once. As I play through to test it, I figure out things needing descriptions or alternate ways of doing something and edit the code right away then loop through it all over again.