Where are the previous Inform 7 example games now?

Hi all,
Does anyone know where the example games with source that used to live on the Inform 7 website got moved to (if anywhere) in the reorganization of the site?

For instance, Bronze used to be available in the “Learning” area of the side, but all links I’ve found elsewhere, pointing either to the Bronze webpage overall or to the Bronze story file, are broken. (The IFDB entry, for instance, links to the now non-existent URL http://inform7.com/learn/eg/bronze/index.html) I’ve attempted google-fu for other places where the Bronze story file might live, without success.

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The wayback machine has it covered: https://web.archive.org/web/20181010160503/http://inform7.com/learn/eg/bronze/index.html

I expect a revised version of the web site to launch with the new I7 release… whenever that happens. It’s probably worth getting a copy of the examples for the IF Archive.

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Oh, duh, should have tried that first. Thanks!